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Balloting closed on January 31, 2011 and by February 4, 2011 no additional ballots had been received.  The board of directors directed the ballots be opened and counted.  We had received 14 total votes with 12 votes in favor of the change and 2 against.  In accordance with the by-laws, Article VI, Section 5.a which defines quorum as all those who attend a meeting or reply by mail during an election or vote, the amendment has passed. Please see the bylaws page for the official signed copy. 

How to tell if your membership has expired:  Your address label has your membership expiration date just to the right of your name.  If you have any questions about your membership, please contact Mike Wank at or Bill Troy at


UPS DOES NOT SHIP MACHINEGUNS!: On of our members asked UPS about thier policy on shipping machineguns.  Our Past President contacted UPS to discuss the matter further and thier representative stated that the policy was changed after Sep 11, 2001 when UPS discovered that some shippers were not following UPS policy on firearms shipments.  We plan to re-engage in the near future.
Link to details. UPS-NO-NFA-Link