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Federal Laboratories Incorporated Brochures
Federal Laboratories was the sole distributor of the Thompson Submachine Gun in the 1930s. In the late-1939 to early-1940 time frame, Auto-Ordnance Corporation revoked their exclusive rights. This led to versions of the 1938 catalogue (number 57A) and the 1939 catalogue (number 62) with the sole distributor phrase and a version of the catalogue with that blacked out. Below are samples of catalogue numbers 33, 34, 57A & 62.

Catalogue Number 33

Catalogue Number 34

Catalogue 57
Catalogue 57, in the top two pictures you can see the red-lined and blacked out
"Sold in the U.S.A. Exclusively by"
The back page of each version is identical

Catalogue 62
Catalogue number 62, the left picture has the blacked out "Sold in U.S.A. Exclusively by FEDERAL LABORATORIES INC. Philadelphia, PA", the right picture is the original version