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Maintaining Your Tommy Gun
These pages are intended to give the collector & shooter information of keeping their TSMG in good working order.
The TCA, web master, and authors of these articles DO NOT assume any liability for any accidents, injury or damage resulting from the use or misuse of this data.  When in doubt consult a competent gunsmith.  By reading about and subsequently using any of these tips and techniques you acknowledge that you assume full responsibility for the results.  Proceed at your own risk.


Have you ever wondered to get the ejector out of the receiver without scratching the receiver badly?



Here is a tip from one of our members, Warren K

Try this!  Make a small loop in some nylon fishing line.  Slip the loop under the end of the ejector and then pull the ejector away from the receiver. When you have the ejector out far enough, slide a plastic playing card under the ejector. Don’t use a cardboard business card.  Then while holding the ejector out far enough to avoid scratching the receiver start to turn the ejector and after three turns it should be far enough away from the receiver to take the card away.   Of course you should ensure that you have removed the bolt from the gun or you will damage the bolt and maybe the ejector also.