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Recommended Tommy Gun Reading
A M1 TSMG modified to accept drum magazines

The following is a short list of recommended Thompson Submachine Gun reading.  If you have a book or magazine article you want to recommend, contact us and we'll add it to the list.

American Thunder I
Author: Frank Iannamico
Currently out of print
American Thunder II
Author: Frank Iannamico
ISBN: 0974272418
Currently out of print
Note: American Thunder III will be available in the Fall of 2015
Colt Thompson Serial Numbers, 6th Edition
Author: Gordon Herigstad
Order directly from:  Graphic Publishers, Attention: Jeff Millet, 1905 East 17th Street, Suite 218 Santa Ana, CA 92705-8628; email:; Phone: 1-714-541-7604.
A 2,000 page, two volume book with loads of great history in addition to the most complete list of the current owners of the 15,000 Colt made guns.  A must for anyone looking for a Colt Thompson.
Cost:  $349.99 plus sales tax (if applicable), shipping and handling in the United States is $39.95.


Great Britain - The Tommy Gun Story 

Author: Tom Davis
Order directly from the author at:
This new, ground-breaking, thoroughly researched and documented publication about the iconic Thompson submachine gun aka Tommy Gun, in Great Britain during World War II.  It is 170 pages with over 100 pictures and illustrations.  Here is a link to the flyer:  GB-TGS Flyer .
Price: $29.99 plus shipping and applicable sales tax.



The Auto-Ordnance Corporation, The People: Who They Were, Where They Worked, What They Made 

Author: Bill Menosky
Order directly from the author at:

This book is a must read for the Thompson collector.  It covers the people of the Auto-Ordnance Corporation (AOC) at the Bridgeport, Connecticut plant during World War II through the newspaper media and several other significant resources.  The book has over 130 photographs many of them have never been seen before.  It also has excerpts from AOC factory newsletters and new photographs of the interior and exterior of the  remaining Bridgeport plant building.


Price: $49.95 plus shipping and applicable sales tax.



The Gun that Made the Twenties Roar

Author: William J. Helmer
ISBN: O-88227-007-25
Another super book on the history of the TSMG.
The Thompson Submachine Gun
Author: Roger A. Cox

ISBN: 0943850002


Currently out of print and very difficult to find.



The Thompson Submachine Gun

Author: Chris Ellis
This book's main value is in the large number of outstanding pictures of the TSMG in action.
The Ultimate Thompson Book
Author: Tracie L. Hill


Virtually every chapter and topic covered in Tracie Hill's critically acclaimed 1996 Collector Grade title Thompson: The American Legend has been expanded, and some new ones have been added in order to incorporate a vast amount of important new information augmenting every aspect of the history of the Auto Ordnance Corporation, the Thompson family, and the design and production of the hardware that bears the Thompson name. Much of this priceless new material, including personal memoirs, dimensioned blueprints and other rare memorabilia, has been bequeathed by key people who were intimately involved in the day to day operations of the company.


Thompson Manuals, Catalogues and Other Paper Items

Authors: David Albert and Mike Sig

Available directly from David Albert at:

A truly outstanding book with a wealth of knowledge not found in any other single publication on the many Thompson related paper items.  A must for the serious collector. 



Thompson: The American Legend

Authors: Tracie L. Hill
ISBN: O-88735-208-9

Currently out of print and hard to find.  We recommend purchasing "The Ultimate Thompson Book" mentioned above as it is expands on everything in this book.