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Tommy Gun Sightings and Other Interesting Articles
A minature M1 Thompson (note the quarter on the magazine)

A Thompson in the Federal German Arms Museum, Koblenz Germany
The Federal German Arms Museum is open to the public.

The Thompson SMG vs. the 1911 Government Model
Who will be the fastest in the practical pistol the TSMG or the 1911 pistol?

Murray Wills' Pleasant Surprise 00 Rare Magazines
I do so like surprises!

Small Arms Review October 2004 Article on the TCA's NFM Display
Link to Article - currently not available
A truly once in a lifetime display at the National Firearms Museum

TSMGs in Today's World
Amazingly TSMGs still turn up unused in crates all over the world. 
Too bad we can't ......

TSMG Barrel with Royal Markings
Queen Wilhelmina leaves her mark on the TSMG

I Found a New Shooting Range
Where do you go to shoot your TSMG?

A Left Handed TSMG Magazine?
The strangest things trun up....

Museum Hopping with Gordon Herigstad
Seattle and NY City ... What a shame!