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Useful Tommy Gun Links
Join The Thompson Submachine Gun Message Board
Dave Albert's TSMG Message Board  --  Meet other TSMG owners, learn new information, get advice from the community's experts

Places to Buy & Sell Thompsons, Accessories, Ammunition, Targets and Other Gun Related Items
Ammo For -- Offers the most popular calibers and brands of ammunition on the market today


Armament Systems International Incorporated --  Lots of machine guns, parts and accessories

Doug Richardson -- Thompson Information and Products 


Florida Gun Supply -- A great gun store in Florida.  They offer concealed carry classes and we've had over 1200 students since September 2012.   They offer a range of products and super prices.  They also operate a range in Inverness, FL.  If you are not a Florida resident, they will ship to your local FFL

Gordon Herigstad -- Thompson Accessories and Colt Thompson Book Website  -- A gun auction site  --  A great place to buy & sell MGs and related items

LE Targets  --  Good Source for Targets

NFA Market Board  --  A great place to buy & sell MGs and related items

Rubin Mendoza -- Class 3 FFL

David Spiwak -- Class 3 FFL  --  A great place to buy & sell MGs and related items  --  Parts, Gunsmith Services and other Resources for the Tommy Gun

What To Know What Others Are Paying (Or At Least Asking) For A Machine Gun?
Machine Gun Price Guide -- What to know what folks are paying for a wide range of machine guns - look here!

Sources For Machine Gun Books
Frank Iannamico's Machinegun Books  --  A great source for machine gun related books

The History Of The Thompson and Some Collector's Web Pages
Gary James' Thompson Websites

History of the Auto-Ordnance Corporation

Jack Ardrey's Model 1927 Website

Michael's Colt Thompson Website

Mike Hensley's Thompson Website

Quick History of the Thompson
TSMG history by Theodore Eickhoff  --  TSMG history by one of the Inventors

When Was My West Hurley Full Auto Gun Made?
List of West Hurley Serial Numbers and Dates of Manufacture

Other Shooting Associations
American Zoot Shooters Association -- Bringing back the Roaring Twenties!!  AZSA is a multi-gun sport in which participants dress in 1920s-1930s costumes and compete against the clock engaging targets for the best possible score. Zoot Shooters must use firearms that are correct for the time surrounding Prohibition

Gun Collectors Club --  A great site with lots of useful information for gun collectors

Other Links
Military Online Colleges and Other Sites for Current and Former Military Members -- A list of 100 sites dedicated to military service members (current and former). The sites cover benefits for service members, military education, family life, and overall sites that any current or former service members would find useful.  Many of the retailers offer discounts to current and former military members