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Adding the West Hurley TSMGs to BATFE's Currio & Relic List
Current Status:
West Hurley Model 1928 TSMGs are now on the C&R list.  Here is the link to the ATF page, scroll down to the bottom of the page.


As most of you probably remember, back in June 2005 Carol Troy (then TCA president) asked that the BATFE add the WH M28 guns to the C&R list (the WH M1 guns are already on the list).  We received an approval adding all TSMG style guns to the list on 12 Jan 06 followed by a phone call and a 3 Mar 06 letter revoking that approval because the required legal review had not been accomplished.  BATFE promised to complete that review and return with a final, written ruling.

We kept in touch via email, phone calls and letters with the FTB and their answer was always the same, the legal folks are swamped and they haven’t gotten to your request yet.  In Dec 08 we wrote another letter asking the FTB for a final answer, and followed up with more emails and phone calls.

In Dec 09 when Robert Segel was appointed to the NFATCA Board as the collectors POC, Pat Wheeler asked him if he could help get the BATFE to provide the final ruling (either yes, no or a date by which we’d get a formal, written reply).  We sent Robert all the stuff we had here (correspondence and emails).  Robert brought the issue up at the next meeting with the BATFE (Jan 10) and they agreed that we were long overdue for an answer.

The FTB’s assistant branch chief contacted us on 9 June (as we were packing for a trip) and asked if we had any of the original request materials.  We sent him everything we had here with us and mentioned that anything else we had sent was in storage in VA and the soonest we’d be able to get at that material would be Aug 10 when we are home for the S&S.  We then finished packing our bags and went away for two weeks.

We got back late on 25 June and when I checked email; we found the note from the FTB informing us of the approval.  Please note that this final ruling is tightly focused (as compared to the Jan 06 approval) and only adds the WH M28 guns to the list.

The path to this final approval letter was very long and we all need to thank Carol Troy for her initial request and many years of follow-up and Robert Segel (the NFATCA board member for collectors) for his help.  Pat Wheeler also deserves a big thank you for asking the NFATCA for assistance.

Link to Jun 10 Approval Letter: Here

Link to BATFE's Mar 2006 resension letter:  batferesension.jpeg


Link to Jan 06 Approval letter: Page-1   Page-2